Top-level Email Copywriting Services

Creative direct mail is the instrument of keeping retention levels high, clients happy and informed about new products and discounts, as well as your revenues sky-rocketing due to a successful mailout campaign. Writing effective emails is the art only the best copywriters can wield. Reaching out to a client directly using an email he left placing an order at your site is a significant responsibility. To live up to the challenge, the best of the best experts are available for hire.

Need quality direct response copy now? Order a mailout solution from us today and we’ll help you reach Marketing goals in no time. All in all, there’re 5 characteristic features of our email copywriting services.

  • Measurable – All emails can be tracked and measured regarding what target actions a recipient did and whether a message was effective;
  • Compelling – Our experts used sales copy, persuasive headlines, engaging text writing to make each email result-oriented and engaging;
  • Focused – Before launching any mailout, we always study the target audience and develop a roadmap how to work with this audience and which means, instruments will do best
  • Universal – We are competent to target all kinds of buyers, from quick responders who react to transactional offers fast to ‘slow burners’ who need time to make a decision
  • Tech-savvy – Our direct mail services use the latest mailout technologies and best practices to create hands down irresistible email copy

Direct mail services by professional copywriters

In search of consistent direct mail solutions, you’ve come to the right place. We offer professional level services by copywriters with 2+ years in direct response texts. From creating a sound marketing plan to dedicated email writing, our direct mail agency is committed to help 24h/7d. Skilled, seasoned authors are ready to develop engaging email content in the framework of your Marketing efforts.

  • Client retention
  • Follow-up purchases
  • New product awareness
  • Brand recognition
  • Client trust

These are the five goals we can help you reach fast. Plus, direct mail pricing at our service is quite affordable and fits any business or private entrepreneur, webmaster, and online store owner. Having a 1000+ customer emails in the base? It’s time to put that information to proper use and reach out to clients directly with additional deals, bonus offers, and informational brochures.

Direct mail solutions for any business, website, online store

Would you like to get a couple of free email advertising tips? Direct response copy is the last thing to save on. Email copywriter can do SEO copy, not vice versa. Use third-party services like MailChimp to streamline your mailout campaign with technology and automation. It’s a wise move to trust a freelance email copywriter, office position doesn’t influence text quality, competence and experience is all that matters.

Growing revenue? Using base of customer emails to your advantage? Increasing retention and follow-up deals? Hire a direct response copywriter now, results will be visible soon.