Email Copywriting – The Art of Client Retention

Emails are an important instrument in Marketing. Email copywriting is the art of creating selling emails which help marketers keep retention levels high, build trust with customers, help them purchase more products they need, set up crossing email campaigns, etc. Sales letter copywriter is a person helping a marketing expert pursue business goals and increase sales for a company.

To become a direct Marketing copywriter, a specialist must possess an excellent command of knowledge in writing sales texts. Only the best of the best can opt-in for positions related to emails, because it’s perhaps the only area of copywriting where you contact the target audience directly. Here’re only a couple of traits a competent email content writer has to feature:

  • Top-class English language knowledge
  • Understanding the difference between the types of emails – formal, informal; informational, sales copy; educating, calling to action, etc.
  • 2-3 years of experience in direct response copywriting
  • Understanding the product audience, their needs and aspirations
  • Advanced knowledge of Marketing and how buyer’s psychology works

This is the direct Marketing copywriter you’ve been looking for

Good email Marketing copy always pays off with results. Having a large base of client emails, it’s imperative to already start an email campaign. Providing customers with updates on new product features, offering follow-up services and limited time deals – this is what a professional copywriter does when working with email campaigning. In all times direct response authors where considered the elite because only a true expert can be let to contact clients directly.

Today, direct mail copywriter is as valuable as gold. A couple of sentences from such expert can generate more profit than dozen search engine optimized texts. Just provide the person with a prompt, brief regarding the product or website to be promoted, and wait for the expert to work the direct response magic. Clients already calling? Click-through rates increased? More orders been placed? That’s a solid email copywriter at work.

Affordable and effective direct response copywriting

Email Marketing copywriting is best done on a freelance basis. We have 100+ direct response writers in the team to work on your mailout campaigns. Just say the word and a dedicated specialist will commence working on your prompt. Our writing services are reasonably priced and help reach marketing goals soon.

  • Announcements
  • Product news
  • Transactional emails
  • Promos and discounts
  • Autoresponders (triggers)
  • Selling emails

Using email copywriting best practices we’ll help you reach out to clients using one of the email types mentioned above. Depending on the goal of your mailout, specialists will draw up engaging, relevant email content that catches an eye, provides valuable information and leads a target user to making a required action. Get a copywriter do a professional email for you today, have new orders from returning clients placed at your website tomorrow.