How to Tell a Quality Direct Mail Copywriter?

Direct mail copywriter is an experience expert who reaches out to prospective clients in person and makes an offer, provides valuable information, asks to make a target action, finalize a pending deal, recommend product or service to a friend, etc. Among all types of content writers, direct marketing copywriter is the one who operates the closest to potential buyers. It is email copy where every word counts and every sentence serves a purpose. No matter how smart search engines are, people are smarter, that’s why proper direct response copy is always in great demand.

Direct marketing copywriter wanted

Effective email writing is impossible without a person knowing all ins and outs of Marketing, online business, buyer’s psychology and English language stylistic means and persuasive devices. Today, direct mail letter campaigns are as important as SEO and PPC. One of the email writing tips suggests hiring a freelance expert with more than 2 years of direct response writing expertise. Trust a person to write a email for your mail blast who is well-versed in your commercial field, who knows what target audience wants and who has a plan to pull the right strings inside prospective buyers’ heads.

Now, let us share a couple of email copywriting tips to help make up your mind regarding the future course of action with your existing base of client emails. How many addressed do you already have in possession? More than a thousand? Then you definitely should commence an emailing campaign fast. What if there’re only one hundred emails? Still, this is a good place to start with. More clients will leave you their emails, when your mailouts will already be set up and running effectively.

7 proven email copywriting tips

  • Don’t contact one client at a time, better opt-in for bulk mailing
  • A/B testing is the cornerstone of effective email marketing
  • Automate your mailouts using services like MailChimp or Email Monks
  • Cost of direct mail services mustn’t be too low
  • Try different types of content – transactional emails, sales, informational, commercial, etc.
  • Provide a specialist with an all-out prompt, send a sample of a product/service
  • Contact to hire a competent freelance direct response writer